Build your Platform before you Publish

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Launching your book needs a lot of pre-publishing work. You want your book’s audience to know you, like you, and trust you. I urge new authors, and even experienced authors, to do the pre-marketing and creating a platform that makes their book a success BEFORE it’s published, either online or in print.

Here’s Pre-Marketing Steps to Work on Now

1. Create 5-10 informational and how to articles for  or something like that –these high-traffic sites with many 1000’s visiting each day ( your site has about 50-300 a day) will show your audience your information. Be sure to attract your best audience in your resource box with a compelling free eBook, newsletter, special report, or Youtube video tips at your site. Submit each original article to one article site to stay within Google’s duplicate content rule and your own book selling site will get a lot more targeted visitors. If they read your article and visit your site, they are already pre-sold.

2. Create your book-selling Web site or add a sales letter to your business Web site. When your article readers visit your site, they also need a reason to buy, so be sure to put up a strong, short sales letter with plenty of testimonials.

3. Know the BIG 3 Marketing Machine that is still the # one way to get big sales. 1. Create a great selling BLOG site. 2. Submit once a week an article that shows you as the expert to high-traffic sites and blogs like hubpages 3. Write a stellar book that really engages your best audience– and shows you as the savvy expert.

4. Install Word Press (see the PamPerryPR – YOU NEED A BLOG TAB) on your site. Put up valuable content that illustrates your expertise and pulls your audience to purchase your book or your service. Share this link at Twitter and other social networks.

5. Comment on other high-traffic blogs that reach your particular audience or join a few social networking groups at Linkedin and comment when you can to show your wisdom.

6. Create a twitter account and start sharing tips from your expertise. Also stay in touch with your core audience there or gurus in your field. Connect your twitter tweets to show up at your Facebook fan page and your profile page on Linkedin, using

7. Send how to tips ( 5-7) from your book as press releases. They’ll be more likely to get published. Media wants how to’s not promotional stuff.

8. Know and write your book’s 9 “Essential Hot Selling Points.” That will include a list of 5-10 benefits (not features), your best audience, and your best title and cover, the # 1 hot selling point that sells at least 25% more books.

Know these before you even write your book, so it speaks more personally to your audience. If you have many audiences as many beginners think is great, speaking to general audiences dilutes your message and the word-of-mouth sales that come from reader satisfaction.

While this all looks like a lot of work, your book sales will wither and die without these publicity, promotion, and marketing supports for your book’s success. Commit to this and get help from a coach.

By Judy Cullins: for more info go to:

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