Online PR 2.0: mBLAST Revolutionizes Influencer Discovery, Mapping, and Management


The world of public relations (and marketing has changed) thanks to the internet. No longer do companies need to buy lists of media contacts and shift through for hours trying to find the right contacts. With the click of a few buttons, this intelligent software can dig up and dig out your key media and the stats of their audience. We at Social Media PR Solutions love this! We found companies like the Electronic Urban Report and Black America Web. There are tons more that we know, but this software is a good start.

Our Advice: Add more minority and urban blogs and media to the mix. There are more digital multicultural “influencers” out there that want to do business and speak to the African American target market.

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Company releases mPACT, a powerful Cloud-based application that combines next-generation Influencer scoring and mapping tools, competitor monitoring, and opportunity tracking in an interactive, easy-to-use dashboard

mBLAST, Inc., the applications provider helping marketing professionals better understand and influence their markets, today launched a revolutionary web-based application that enables marketing professionals to identify and work with the true Influencers that matter most to their markets.

The new tool, named mPACT™, takes a comprehensive approach to the world of measuring Influence with a groundbreaking algorithm for finding and scoring influence, as well as comprehensive media monitoring, competitive tracking, and opportunity monitoring – all via an interactive, user-friendly dashboard and robust, graphical reports.

Through mPACT, marketing professionals in companies and agencies of all sizes can answer the critical questions in marketing today: Who’s my market listening to? Who can I target to help spread my message? What are these Influencers saying about my company, products, and competitors? What opportunities am I missing to engage with my key Influencers?

mPACT is built on the idea that influence does not equal popularity. Justin Bieber may have more than 6 million followers on Twitter, but his voice offers little authoritative weight in the automobile or hi-tech markets. Likewise, a particular blogger may have an impressive generic ‘influence score’ through some other influencer measuring packages in the market, but may also have the wrong focus to ever influence the market a marketing professional cares about (i.e. Automotive Engines instead of the iPhone market).

“From bloggers and Twitter celebrities to new media analysts and journalists, there’s an unprecedented number of voices in covering relevant subjects today. Now more than ever, it’s critical to identify true authority in your marketplace…and it’s not governed or measured by popularity,” said Brian Solis, author of Engage and advisor to mBLAST. “mPACT brings a smart, new approach to this challenge that ties influence to subject matter to help brands lead market conversations and stay ahead of the competition.”

mPACT bases influence scoring first and foremost on topical relevancy. Upon signing up, users enter a set of keywords or areas of interest. For example, an iPhone app developer could enter their company name, product name(s), competitor names, “iPhone”, “application”, “Apple”, or any other relevant phrases. mPACT then mines terabytes of web-based data in real-time — including blogs, social sites, online publications, and journals — to identify who’s writing about that specific topic.

mPACT applies an advanced, influence algorithm which considers what an Influencer has written across online media (articles, blogs and social media), how frequently they’ve been sourced, how often they are quoted, the number of followers/readers they have, and much more. mPACT users can see the top Influencers for any given market – with granular nuance for a particular product or area of interest. And mPACT casts a wider net than just Twitter to index all of the niche sites and publications that shape a market.

In short, mPACT shows which individuals a market is listening to. Quadrant-style graphs illustrate who the real market movers are; and mPACT’s interactive charts depict how an individual’s influence score changes over time, so marketers can easily identify who’s authority is waxing, waning, or was just a one-hit wonder.

Users can drill down to view comprehensive details about any Influencer, including the full scope of what they have written over the past months. By browsing an Influencer’s entire clip file, marketers can hone in on a reporter’s main area(s) of interest. In turn, marketers are better equipped to reach out to the right people in the right way, yielding more meaningful connections and impactful results.

Built-in competitive intelligence tracks competitors across online publications and the social web in real-time, so marketing professionals can see which Influencers are talking about competing products, what they’re saying, and how often.

In addition, mPACT ensures that companies never miss a chance to shape their markets and Influencer opinions. The application continually searches for the right opportunities that can enhance a company’s marketing efforts, including awards, editorial opportunities, buyer’s guides and directories. For example, mPACT users are alerted whenever a competitor appears in a buyer’s guide or a relevant topic pops up in a publication’s editorial calendar.

“Good marketers understand the need to track Influencers across traditional and social media outlets. The question is how to do so easily and cost-effectively. mPACT automates the discovery, scoring, and tracking of influencers, allowing marketing professionals to be more efficient and effective at these efforts – and all at an unprecedented price point,” said mBLAST CEO Gary Lee.

“At entry level, mPACT users pay just $10 per month to track each competitor. Once you factor in the other features like mPACT’s media monitoring, opportunity tracking and influencer ranking, it’s really a no-brainer for any serious marketer. The time savings and competitive advantage mPACT delivers pushes the ROI off the chart,” added Lee.

Tiered pricing and per-user licensing make mPACT scalable to the needs of small businesses, large companies, and agencies that support multiple clients. Per-user pricing ranges from $495/year to $2,995/year, based on the number of companies and markets tracked.

For a limited time, mBLAST is offering a free 14-day trial that includes unlimited access to all mPACT features. Register today at to revolutionize the way that you identify the key influencers, opportunities and competitor activities in your market.

About mBLAST
mBLAST is improving the way marketing works with its cloud-based solutions for Marketers, PR professionals and Influencers. The company’s applications enable better collaboration between marketing professionals and market Influencers – those individuals who through their online writing, social media activity, awards and events shape what potential buyers think about a company and their products and services. The company’s client base includes top Influencers in the world from companies like PR News, PR Week, Folio Magazine, the Consumer Electronics Association and others, and tens of thousands of marketing and PR professionals working at some of the largest PR agencies, Fortune 100 companies and small to medium sized businesses and agencies. mBLAST is a global company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with sales and development teams around the world. For more information, visit or contact us at

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