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There is a buzz going on about the lack of jobs and the economy going in the dumps (again)….but what is on the rise is the power of the internet. Too many businesses are not sure how to target the right audience and even what to say.

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But first you have to understand that it’s all run by SEO. If you don’t have good Search Engine Optimization (and SEM)…your campaign will not have all the gusto it needs to bring you traffic, sales and MOOLA!

Detroit will not be left behind! Google that!

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5 Things Every SEO Should Know

SEO BasicsMany different SEO experts have their own concepts, opinions and guidelines to follow by, but something that all of them have in common should be the 5 basic laws of SEO. There are certain basic techniques of SEO that should always be used when building an SEO-Friendly website.

#1 – Title Tag

The title tag in a website is one of the most important pieces in this whole search movement called SEO. For those unfamiliar with title tags, view the image below:

Title Tags

The Title tag tells the robots what each page should be about. This is also where your “Heavy Hitting Keywords” should be placed….I won’t charge you for that. That was free.

#2 – Meta Description

The description for each page is critical to search engines. Each page should have its own description describing what that page is about. The Meta Description is what appears beneath the Title of a search. View the example below:

Meta Description

Courtesy of Share Results.

#3 – H1, H2, H3 Tags

Many people and even some designers have no clue what H1, H2, or H3 tags are. These tags stand for Header, Sub-Header, and….I guess Sub-Sub-Header. H1 and H2 are the most important tags. The H1 should be the heading for each page, same as the title tag. The H2 is the support for the H1. An example is below:

H1, H2, H3

Alt tags are being used more and more as searches for images are becoming more common. Adding keywords or descriptions for images on a website is a big plus…especially for the search engines. These descriptions will index in the images section of search engines and will show as the title for that image. If you leave the Alt Tag blank, do not count on being found for an image search. An example is below:

Alt Tag

#5 – Sitemap

Many do not understand the importance of a sitemap. Search engines eat the up like ice cream. Imagine trying to read a large book that had no index or glossary. This is what a website without a sitemap is like to search engine robots. The easier you make it on the search engines, and the audiences, the higher they will rank your site. Remember to create a sitemap for your website.

If you do not do anything else to your website in terms of SEO, please at least do these tactics. As simple as they may be, they will take your website a long way.

SEO Basics

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